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Ford Rear Axle Defect Took Life of Teenage Driver

Pipeline Safety Task Force Issues Guidelines To Protect Public From Tragedy Similar to San Bruno's

What Went Wrong With the Qantas A380 Engine: Understanding The Preliminary Report

BP struggles to stop Gulf of Mexico oil leak

Garuda B734 at Denpasar on Oct 28th 2008, jammed brakes after landing

Problems at the Davis-Besse Nuclear reactor.....BAD

Industrial UV light safety, risks and limits (beta) launched

Co. owner indicted in deadly NYC crane collapse

SCE said generator welds extended nuclear outage

GE Oil & Gas Power Generation and Subsea Equipment Wins Bring Gorgon Project Awards to Over US$1.1 Billion

SGS Inspects Gbara Ubie Gas Plant

Bung inspection led to freight-train derailment

No more spills? BP teams up with University of Manchester

Nick Veasey: Exposing the invisible

Space Shuttle Endeavor's External Tank to Fly With Improved Welds

Planes with maintenance problems have flown anyway

Northrop Grumman working to fix warship welding issues

Rethinking ultrasonics

Long range ultrasonic testing reduces risk of unplanned shutdown

Mettallurgy in the welding world

Three Standards Approved by ASTM Nondestructive Testing Committee

Scan goes horribly wrong

Neutrons Tell The Story On Metal Failures

Pivotal step for Chalk River reactor repair

BP pipeline leaks near Alaska's Prudhoe Bay

Yankee component cracks from natural aging

Offshore pipeline across Baltic will secure Europes gas supply

Oxygen Tank Blowup Likely Culprit in Qantas Explosion

Modern Metal Fatigue Analysis by Prof John Draper - New book offers comprehensive introduction to fatigue


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