30 Question PT quiz

1. Fluorescent materials used in fluorescent penetrants respond most actively to radiant energy, of a wavelength of approximately:

2. Which of the following discontinuities are all castings discontinuities?

3. The most difficult developers to remove are the

4. Which of the foflowing could be a source of false indications on a test specimen?

5. When penetrant testing for shallow discontinuities using a post emulsification penetrant, the emulsification time should be long enough to:

6. The part is a 12.5 mm (1/2) thick aluminium plate with a Vee weld. Description - the indication appears in an area that is somewhat dish-shaped. The indication extends out from the centre in a spoke formation. The indication is:

7. The penetrant indication of a forging lap will normally be:

8. Rejection or acceptance of parts should be based on which of the following, in absence of written acceptance criteria?

9. How is the degree of washing assessed when removing fluorescent penetrant:

10. The penetrant indication for a cold shut on the surface of a casting will be:

11. Prior to penetrant testing of a soft metal part, which of the following cleaning methods would best remove any smeared metal?

12. A commonly used method of checking the overall performance of a penetrant system is by:

13. Which of the statements below concerning the operation of the black light bulbs of the mercury arc type is NOT true?

14. Which of the following discontinuities would be impossible to detect using a liquid penetrant test?

15. When conducting a penetrant test, spherical indications on the surface of a part could be indicative of:

16. An NDT procedure specifies a minimum penetrant dwell period of 30 minutes. What dwell period should be used if the component was to be inspected at a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius?

17. Electrostatic application of penetrant materials is preferred because

18. A part being processed through a fluorescent water-washable penetrant system was inadvertently left to drain overnight after the application of penetraut. What action should be taken?

19. If the ultra-violet lamp being used for inspection has a cracked filter:

20. Which of the following contaminants could affect the sensitivity of a penetrant?

21. A commonly-used method of checking the overall performance of a penetrant system is:

22. A crack type discontinuity will generally appear as:

23. Which of the following statements concerning developers is NOT true?

24. Which discontinuities are more dangerous?

25. Which of the following discontinuities could be classified as an inherent discontinuity often found in cast material?

26. Which of the statements below apply to the liquid penetrant method of testing?

27. Which of the following is a purpose of the drying process used in penetrant testing?

28. Pickling is a process used to

29. The emulsifier is used:

30. A fluorescent water-washable test system uses spray application of penetrant and a storm cabinet (cloud chamber) for application of dry developer. At what locations should black light be available?


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