30 Question RT quiz

1. Lead screens are used for almost all exposures when using:

2. An X-ray tube with a small focal spot is considered better than one with a large focal spot when it is desired to obtain:

3. A special form of scatter due to X-ray diffraction effects in a specimen with large grains will result in:

4. In X-ray radiography, alternating current must be changed to pulsating direct current in order to satisfy the need for unidirectional current. This change may be accomplished by

5. Which of the following X-ray generators would produce the narrowest cone of X-radiation?

6. Iridium-192 may be used on steel up to:

7. The velocity of electrons striking the target in an X-ray tube is a function of:

8. As an effective energy of the radiation increases up to about 250 kV:

9. The greys and blacks in a radiographic image are composed of:

10. What is the primary difference between X-rays and gamma rays of the same energy?

11. An X-ray procedure requires an exposure of 5mA minutes at a source-to-film distance of 1000mm. If the source-to-film distance is decreased to 500mm, the exposure required to achieve the same density would be:

12. The specific activity of Cobalt-60 depends on:

13. The uneven distribution of developed grains within the emulsion of a processed X-ray film causes the subjective impression of:

14. A 1,000 kVp X-ray machine used in conjunction with a lead foil screen has an approximate practical thickness limit of:

15. The load that can be handled by an X-ray tube focal spot is governed by:

16. X-ray films with large grain size:

17. The range of specimen thicknesses that can be adequately recorded on the radiograph is referred to as the:

18. The main factor that determines the penetrating ability of an X-ray beam is?

19. The range of thickness over which densities are obtained that are satisfactory for interpretation is a measure of the:

20. In an X-ray tube, the filament and focusing cup are the two essential parts of the:

21. The most common way of cooling the anode of a high-power X-ray tube is:

22. Low voltage X-ray tubes are generally fitted with windows made of:

23. The most commonly used target material in an X-ray tube is:

24. Two factors which greatly affect the suitability of the target material in an X-ray tube are:

25. Subject contrast is affected by:

26. Which of the following instruments would exhibit the best sensitivity and most likely be used to detect small leaks in a radiation barrier?

27. The most effective method for handprocessing large numbers of radiographs is:

28. Besides serving as a filter, screens of high atomic number, such as lead and lead antimony, also:

29. The primary function of a darkroom is the protection of sensitive film by control of:

30. The quantity of radiation striking a unit area of film:


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