50 Question RT quiz

1. Filters used at the port of the X-ray tube:

2. Iridium-192 may be used on steel up to:

3. The primary form of energy conversion when electrons strike a target in an X-ray tube results in the production of:

4. The specific activity of Cobalt-60 depends on:

5. Filters placed between the X-ray tube and specimen tend to reduce scatter radiation undercutting the specimen:

6. The specific activity of an isotopic source is usually measured in:

7. The range of specimen thicknesses that can be adequately recorded on the radiograph is referred to as the:

8. A qualitative term often used to indicate the size of the smallest detail which can be seen in a radiograph is:

9. For a given change in the radiation exposure, film contrast is the inherent ability to show:

10. The most commonly used target material in an X-ray tube is:

11. Besides serving as a filter, screens of high atomic number, such as lead and lead antimony, also:

12. Images of discontinuities close to the source side of the specimen become less clearly defined as:

13. Constant agitation of the developer during the development process by means of mechanical stirrers or circulating pumps may:

14. A curve relating density with the logarithm of exposure or of relative exposure is called:

15. The ability of a material to block or partially block the passage of X-rays and gamma rays is referred to as:

16. Lead screens are used for almost all exposures when using:

17. The most common way of cooling the anode of a high-power X-ray tube is:

18. Subject contrast is affected by:

19. One method of reducing radiographic contrast is to:

20. While using an Isotope the operator may vary.

21. Which of the following types of radiation is commonly used in radiographic testing?

22. The amount of unsharpness or blurring of a radiograph is:

23. Why are isotopes preferred to X-rays?

24. The main purpose of the X-ray generator controls on the equipment is:

25. Subject contrast is affected by:

26. The shorter the wavelength of X or gamma rays:

27. Isotopes are sheilded in cameras made from?

28. Which of the following technique variables is most commonly used to adjust subject contrast?

29. What is the primary difference between X-rays and gamma rays of the same energy?

30. As an effective energy of the radiation increases up to about 250 kV:

31. The most effective method for handprocessing large numbers of radiographs is:

32. A lead sheet containing a pinhole may be placed halfway between the X-ray tube and the film to:

33. The primary function of a darkroom is the protection of sensitive film by control of:

34. The kilovoltage applied to an X-ray tube affects:

35. The absorption of gamma-rays from a given source when passing through a metal is due to:

36. The "density" of a radiographic image refers to:

37. While using an X-ray tube for radiography, the operator wishes to increase the radiation intensity. To do so, the:

38. The developer solution is:

39. Cobalt-59 becomes Cobalt-60 when it is placed in a nuclear reactor where it captures:

40. Which of the following X-ray generators would produce the narrowest cone of X-radiation?

41. Which of the following isotopes is commonly used for radiographic purposes:

42. Because of geometrical factors such as source size, source-to-specimen distance and specimen- to-film distance, there can be a lack of perfect sharpness at the edges of indications which is referred to as the:

43. A monochromatic X-ray beam:

44. Almost all gamma radiography is performed with:

45. Improper geometric factors, poor contact between film and lead foil screens, and graininess of film are possible causes of:

46. The load that can be handled by an X-ray tube focal spot is governed by:

47. In X-ray radiography, alternating current must be changed to pulsating direct current in order to satisfy the need for unidirectional current. This change may be accomplished by

48. The greys and blacks in a radiographic image are composed of:

49. Which is a disadvantage of using an isotope?

50. The speed at which X and gamma rays travel is


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