30 Question UT quiz

1. On an A-scan display the dead zone refers to:

2. The combined effect of scattering and absorption is called:

3. Air is not a good transmitter of ultrasound because:

4. Which type of transducer will have better resolution?

5. Some transducers are specifically fabricated to be:

6. Which of the following waves is only able to travel through a thin section of material?

7. Parts subject to cyclic or vibrational loading are most likely to experience

8. A term used to describe the ability of ultrasonic testing equipment to detect discontinuities close to the back wall of test material is:

9. When inspecting course grained material, which of the frequencies below will generate a sound wave that will be most easily scattered?

10. The ability to locate discontinuities that are close together within the material is called:

11. In ultrasonic testing, a liquid coupling medium between the transducer face and the part surface is necessary because:

12. Which of the following probes is most commonly used for testing welds for toe cracks:

13. In a calibrated A-scan presentation, the horizontal base line represents:

14. In an ultrasonic instrument, the number of pulses produced by an instrument in a given period of time in known as the:

15. Which type of screen presentation displays a plan-type view of the location and size of the test specimen features?

16. Which of the following waves is able to follow a surface around a curve?

17. The freznel zone is also known as the:

18. The ultrasonic testing of material where the search unit or probe is in direct contact with the material being tested is called:

19. When sound travels through a medium:

20. A test method in which the part to be inspected is separated from the search unit by water or some other liquid couplant is called

21. Of the following scan types, which one can be used to produce a recording of discontinuity areas superimposed over a plan view of the part.

22. Resolution generally increases:

23. Surface waves are used to detect discontinuities in the test materials:

24. The area in front of a transducer where there are extensive fluctuations in the sound field is called the:

25. What is the material called that is used to improve the transmission of ultrasonic sound energy from the transducer into the part

26. Which of the following ultrasonic techniques require the probe to be held firmly against component?

27. Surface or Rayleigh waves travelling along the surface of relative thick solid material, penetrate to a depth of approximately:

28. The a large acoustic impedance mismatch at an interface will result in:

29. Less damped transducers will exhibit:

30. The equation describing wavelength in terms of velocity and frequency is:


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