30 Question UT quiz

1. The amount of beam divergence from a transducer (crystal) is primarily dependent on:

2. DAC stands for:

3. What part of the ultrasonic machine generates short, large-amplitude pulses of controlled energy?

4. The material of the reference standard used to setup for a flaw inspection:

5. What type of transducer contains two independently operating elements in a single housing?

6. Less damped transducers will exhibit:

7. Of the following scan types, which one can be used to produce a recording of discontinuity areas superimposed over a plan view of the part.

8. Snell’s Law describes the relationship between the sound velocity and:

9. The purpose of the backing material in a transducer is to:

10. Why aren’t real defects commonly used in calibration and reference standards?

11. Which type of calibration block is used to determine the resolution of angle beam transducers per requirements of AWS and AASHTO

12. The active element of most acoustic transducers used today is:

13. Which type of screen presentation displays the amount of received ultrasonic energy as a function of time?

14. Dead zone size depends on:

15. The transducers most commonly found in ultrasonic search units used for discontinuity testing utilize:

16. During contact testing signal amplitude variations from a reflector can occur due to:

17. All other factors being equal, which of the following modes of vibration has the greatest velocity?

18. The Gain of an ultrasonic flaw detector is used to give an assessment of:

19. You find indications in the test part that you cannot explain. What do you do?

20. In a calibrated A-scan presentation, the horizontal base line represents:

21. Couplant displaces the__________ and makes it possible to get more sound energy into the test specimen.

22. in ___________ ultrasonic waves are transmitted into the test material in the form of repetitive shock vibrations

23. What is used to support the active element and dampen the transducers characteristics?

24. Three casting processes are:

25. A general term applied to all cracks, inclusions, blow holes etc, which cause a reflection of sonic energy is:

26. A calibration block produced by the International Institute of Welding is called:

27. The combined effect of scattering and absorption is called:

28. The process of adjusting an instrument or device to a reference standard is referred to as:

29. Parts subject to cyclic or vibrational loading are most likely to experience

30. Sound can propagate as:


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