50 Question UT quiz

1. Which of the following would make a good couplant?

2. The indication on the oscilloscope screen which represents the far boundary of the material being tested is called:

3. The material of the reference standard used to setup for a flaw inspection:

4. Which probe will be used for critical examination in a forged component with a curved surface.:

5. DACC stands for:

6. Which of the following media has the lowest velocity of ultrasound?

7. Which of the following probes is most commonly used for testing welded metals for laminations before angle beam inspection.

8. Defects are generally known as volumetric or planar and it is considered that:

9. Dielectric materials or insulators have very low conductivity because:

10. The first critical angle describes the condition where the:

11. Resonance or standing waves are a result of:

12. Cyclic or vibrational loading of parts may result in:

13. The minimum detectable defect size for a 5MHz probe in Aluminium (V = 6.3Km/s) is:

14. Artificial flaws can be produced by using:

15. The accuracy of an ultrasonic thickness test is influenced by?

16. The second critical angle is the angle of the incident beam at which:

17. Near surface resolution is a characteristic of an ultrasonic testing system which defines its ability to:

18. The angle of reflection of a longitudinal wave at an interface:

19. Dead zone size depends on:

20. As frequency increases, sound tends to:

21. In the transverse or shear wave, the particles:

22. Angle beam transducers and wedges are typically used to introduce a:

23. A calibration block produced by the International Institute of Welding is called:

24. What is the material called that is used to improve the transmission of ultrasonic sound energy from the transducer into the part

25. The ability to locate a small discontinuity is called:

26. When conducting a contact ultrasonic test, the hash, grass or irregular signals that appear in the CRT display of the area because:

27. An ultrasonic test using a straight beam contact search unit (probe) is being conducted through the thickness of a flat part. This method is best for detecting:

28. When testing a weld for lack of side wall fusion, which probe is most commonly used:

29. Shear waves do not propagate in:

30. An ultrasonic testing instrument that displays pulses representing the magnitude of reflected ultrasound as a function of time is referred to as:

31. When examining thin materials for planar discontinuities oriented parallel to the part surface, what testing method is most often used:

32. The purpose of the backing material in a transducer is to:

33. The transducers most commonly found in ultrasonic search units used for discontinuity testing utilize:

34. Which of the following determines how much sound is reflected at an interface:

35. Which type of screen presentation displays a plan-type view of the location and size of the test specimen features?

36. All other factors being equal, which of the following modes of vibration has the greatest velocity?

37. A material used between the face of a search unit and the test surface to permit or improve the transmission of ultrasonic vibrations is:

38. The piezoelectric material in a search unit or probe which vibrates to produce ultrasonic waves is called:

39. Which of the following modes of vibration will produce the shortest wavelength pulse at a given frequency and in a given material

40. Which type of test block is used to check horizontal linearity and the dB accuracy per requirements of AWS and AASHTO?

41. The ultrasonic test method in which finger damping in most effective in locating a discontinuity is:

42. Couplant displaces the__________ and makes it possible to get more sound energy into the test specimen.

43. Mode conversion, occurs when a sound wave encounters an interface between materials of different acoustic impedance and:

44. The moving of a probe along a test surface either manually or automatically is referred to as:

45. Alloying results in an increase in

46. Why aren’t real defects commonly used in calibration and reference standards?

47. In some inspection procedures the suppression (reject) control is required to be turned off, this is because suppression may:

48. The formula Sina1/Sinv1 = Sina2/Sinv2 is used to determine:

49. Beam spread is greater when using:

50. The terms used to describe a technique’s ability to locate flaws are:


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