50 Question UT quiz

1. Why aren’t real defects commonly used in calibration and reference standards?

2. When a wave encounters an interface at an oblique angle, what takes place at the interface due to the different sound velocities

3. As frequency increases, sound tends to:

4. Longitudinal waves are also called:

5. The number of cylces per second is the definition of:

6. When the motion of the particles of a medium are in the same direction as the direction of wave motion, the wave being transmitted is called a:

7. Defects are generally known as volumetric or planar and it is considered that:

8. During contact testing signal amplitude variations from a reflector can occur due to:

9. As the acoustic impedance ratio between two materials approaches 1 the amount of sound reflected at an interface:

10. A second name for compression wave is:

11. Which type of calibration block closely resembles the miniature angle-beam block and is used in a similar way?

12. The frequency marked on a transducer indicates:

13. The ultrasonic method that steers a sound beam by the use of multiple elements is known as:

14. Which type of transducer can be used to scan wide areas when high sensitivity is not required?

15. Less damped transducers will exhibit:

16. You find indications in the test part that you cannot explain. What do you do?

17. DAC stands for:

18. In an A-scan presentation, the amplitude of vertical indications on the screen represents:

19. An angle probe uses a wedge to create the angle which is most commonly made of:

20. Contact transducers often incorporate a:

21. Which type of calibration block is used to determine the resolution of angle beam transducers per requirements of AWS and AASHTO

22. Overaging of an aluminium alloy can occur due to:

23. When using a compression and shear wave of the same wavelength, which of the following media will transmit both modes:

24. What is used to support the active element and dampen the transducers characteristics?

25. A disadvantage of using natural quartz crystals in a search unit is:

26. A material used between the face of a search unit and the test surface to permit or improve the transmission of ultrasonic vibrations is:

27. When an ultrasound wave passes through an interface between two materials at an oblique angle, and the materials have different velocites, the following occurs:

28. All other factors being equal, which of the following modes of vibration has the greatest velocity?

29. Of the following scan types, which one can be used to produce a recording of discontinuity areas superimposed over a plan view of the part.

30. An ultrasonic testing instrument that displays pulses representing the magnitude of reflected ultrasound as a function of time is referred to as:

31. Within a given material, the speed of sound:

32. Under most circumstances, which of the following frequencies would result in the best resolving power?

33. The minimum detectable defect size for a 5MHz probe in Aluminium (V = 6.3Km/s) is:

34. In the far zone of an ultrasonic beam, as the distance from the probe increases, there is:

35. Of the following probes available, which would be the most appropriate to use on a material with high attenuation and good surface finish

36. When inspecting course grained material, which of the frequencies below will generate a sound wave that will be most easily scattered?

37. The purpose of the backing material in a transducer is to:

38. An ultrasonic testing technique in which the transducer (crystal) is at an angle to the test surface is called:

39. In ultrasonic testing, a liquid coupling medium between the transducer face and the part surface is necessary because:

40. Smith forging and which of the following are recognised metal forging processes:

41. Which of the following media has the lowest velocity of ultrasound?

42. The sound that emanates from a piezoelectric transducer originates:

43. The incident angle at which the transmitted longitudinal wave first ceases to exist in the refracting medium is the:

44. The boundary between two different materials which are in contact with each other is called:

45. Immersion transducers have:

46. A test method in which the part to be inspected is separated from the search unit by water or some other liquid couplant is called

47. The equation describing wavelength in terms of velocity and frequency is:

48. A calibration block produced by the International Institute of Welding is called:

49. The moving of a probe along a test surface either manually or automatically is referred to as:

50. Ultrasound is generally defined as sound at frequency above the threshold of human hearing, which is?


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