50 Question UT quiz

1. Defects open to the surface are more dangerous than the same defect buried within the body of the component because:

2. In the far zone of an ultrasonic beam, as the distance from the probe increases, there is:

3. The accuracy of an ultrasonic thickness test is influenced by?

4. Three casting processes are:

5. Shear waves do not propagate in:

6. The moving of a probe along a test surface either manually or automatically is referred to as:

7. Air is not a good transmitter of ultrasound because:

8. What type of set-up can provide information about both the size of the flaw and distance between the flaw and the transducer?

9. In a calibrated A-scan presentation, the horizontal base line represents:

10. An angle probe uses a wedge to create the angle which is most commonly made of:

11. The ability to locate a small discontinuity is called:

12. The freznel zone is also known as the:

13. The second critical angle is the angle of the incident beam at which:

14. When the motion of the particles of a medium are at right angles to the direction of wave motion, the wave being transmitted is called a:

15. As frequency increases, sound tends to:

16. In some inspection procedures the suppression (reject) control is required to be turned off, this is because suppression may:

17. Resonance or standing waves are a result of:

18. Which probe will be used for critical examination in a forged component with a curved surface.:

19. When an ultrasonic beam passes through the interface of two dissimilar materials at an angle, a new mode of sound travel is changed due to:

20. Dead zone size depends on:

21. Which type of screen presentation displays a profile or cross-sectional view of the test specimen?

22. Ultrasound is generally defined as sound at frequency above the threshold of human hearing, which is?

23. The gradual loss of sonic energy as the ultrasonic vibrations travel through the material is referred to as.:

24. Longitudinal waves are also called:

25. What is the material called that is used to improve the transmission of ultrasonic sound energy from the transducer into the part

26. Within a given material, the speed of sound:

27. When a longitudinal wave encounters an interface between two material with different accoustic impedances, what occurs when the

28. What is used to support the active element and dampen the transducers characteristics?

29. Of the following probes available, which would be the most appropriate to use on a material with high attenuation and good surface finish

30. Which of the following probes is most commonly used for testing welds for toe cracks:

31. The transducers most commonly found in ultrasonic search units used for discontinuity testing utilize:

32. Which of the following media has the lowest velocity of ultrasound?

33. DAC stands for:

34. Which of the following materials is most likely to produce the greatest amount of sound attenuation over a given distance?

35. Contact transducers are used for direct contact inspections, and are generally:

36. Less damped transducers will exhibit:

37. Of the following scan types, which one can be used to produce a recording of discontinuity areas superimposed over a plan view of the part.

38. The indication on the oscilloscope screen which represents the far boundary of the material being tested is called:

39. A calibration block produced by the International Institute of Welding is called:

40. Overaging of an aluminium alloy can occur due to:

41. Increasing the frequency of an ultrasonic longitudinal wave will result in ___________in the velocity of that wave.

42. When performing a surface wave test, indications may result from:

43. When an ultrasound wave passes through an interface between two materials at an oblique angle, and the materials have different velocites, the following occurs:

44. The process of adjusting an instrument or device to a standard is called:

45. Which type of screen presentation displays a plan-type view of the location and size of the test specimen features?

46. What is used to establish a general level of consistency in measurements, and to help interpret and quantify the information evaluated during inspection:

47. Alloying results in an increase in

48. As transducer diameter decreases, the beam spread:

49. The velocity of surface waves is approximately________ the velocity of shear waves in the same material.

50. The area in front of a transducer where there are extensive fluctuations in the sound field is called the:


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