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Ultrasonic Testing: 9 Experts Discuss One of the Smartest Technologies in NDT

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Faster-than-expected corrosion led to pipeline blast

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Offshore Radiation Exposed Worker was 'Most Likely Asleep' in Container

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Argentina launches legal action to prevent Falklands oil and gas drilling

Mena non-destructive testing market to top $1.3bn

Brine may be more destructive than salt

Crude Oil Futures Move Higher Amid Another Oil Spill - See more at:

Bay Bridge designer warned Caltrans in 2010 of weld weakness

comments Hanford's worst radioactive waste vulnerable to leaks from flaws in newer storage tanks

Sen Sigma Out to Battle Bad Welds, Save Manufacturers Millions

Russia Eyes Crimea’s Oil and Gas Reserves

How safe are Boeing 777 planes

Gorgon could be delayed until 2016

Imperium Acoustocam inspection method included in Boeing manual

Arab Oil & Gas 2014 expo opens in Dubai

Quest Integrity announces new pipeline software

BHP's shale oil pipeline hit by corrosion

FAA’s pre-Malaysia flight warning: 777s have cracking, corrosion issues

Optic fibres can detect rust and bugs

Engineers zap bridges with electricity to test for corrosion

Nuplex sues manufacturing company for defective welding

Vulnerable bridges not so rare in state

Minor amputation after radiography incident

Crack found in weld on western Pa. nuclear reactor


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